Magnewin Energy Pvt Ltd
Magnewin Energy Pvt Ltd
Magnewin Energy Pvt Ltd

Electrical Tests

Each and every capacitor is subjected to Routine tests in accordance to IEC60110-1.
- Measurement of Capacitance.
- Measurement of Dielectric Loss angle @ 50Hz.
- Voltage test between terminals 4 Vn for 10 secs.
- Voltage test between terminals& container 2.15 Vn.
- Sealing Test @ 80°C for 2hrs.
Special Tests (as per Magnewin Standards)
Each and every MFWC Capacitor is subject to 15% overload at its rated frequency and rated voltage tests for minimum two hours, simulating site operational conditions. It is also possible to continue such testing for as many hours as required. The test source is a specially developed by "Magnewin" and is only one such kind available in Asia.
For Induction Heating & Melting Applications
Magnewin Energy Private Limited
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