Magnewin Energy Pvt Ltd

Water Cooled Capacitors, Pulse Discharge Capacitors, Surge Capacitors, Energy Storage Capacitors, Manufacturer, Sangli, India

Electricity has now been considered as the life line in the rapid growth of any developing country and India is no exception to it considering its march towards becoming a super power in years to come. In current scenario the bridge between generation and demand is widening every day, even though all attempts are made to minimize it. Under the given situation it becomes imperative to use the available power at its highest efficiency and use of capacitors takes the first &foremost step in energy conservation.

"Magnewin" is committed to develop highly reliable capacitors, be it required for elect utility / for industry / for defense or for R&D institutions.
"Magnewin" is committed & proud to develop environmental friendly world class technologies / materials and products that save valuable Foreign exchange and make our country self- reliantin its path of progress to become super power. We at "Magnewin" are proud to be shareholders in the National Energy
Conservation programme of India. Magnewin will be known globally as one of the most respected capacitor manufacturing company by 2020.
Vijay Chippalkatti

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